Exhibitor Information

For ATCEM 2023, we are excited to offer exhibitors the opportunity to set up a booth on site at the Hilton Hotel and virtually in the online event platform. This provides increased networking, engagement, and publicity for your organization! We are allowing three types of exhibitors: For-profit, Not-for-Profit, and Traditional Craft Vendors. Go to our Registration Information page for details such as pricing and what’s included with each exhibitor ticket, as well as the link to register. 
Here’s what to expect for both an on-site and virtual booth:

On-site Booth

The Exhibitor Room at the Hilton is located on the second floor in the Dillingham/Katmai Room (scroll down for site maps). Exhibitors will have time in the afternoon on Monday, March 20 to set up their booth. The Exhibitor Room is open Tuesday-Thursday of the conference and you should plan to to have at least one person manning the booth those three days during conference hours, 8 am-5 pm. Exhibitors take down their booth materials after 5 pm on Thursday. There will not be an Exhibitor Room during the Friday training day.

Virtual Booth

For-profit and Not-for-Profit exhibitors will also set up an unmanned virtual booth in the online platform as soon as they register. ATCEM organizers will assist with the process, but much of it can be done from exhibitors’ profile tab in the virtual lobby. You’ll have the ability to chat and coordinate virtual meetings with online attendees. Display several details and digital materials for your company, such as:
  • Company name, logo, and description
  • Website, email, phone
  • Video and static ads
  • An unlimited number of additional files in these formats: xlsx, pptx, docx, pdf, zip, png, jpg, mp4, gif and html