Exhibitor Information

Share your company information and connect with ATCEM participants from across Alaska and beyond!

For our virtual 2021 event, here’s what exhibitors could expect:

  1. The registration fee is $50, which gives you access to your virtual booth during 4 days of the conference.
    • If you’d like to attend more of the conference, you can purchase an additional ticket.
  2. Upon registering as an exhibitor, you’ll receive a link that gives you access to the back end of your virtual booth.
    • Click the link and start uploading your company information.
  3. Another email will go to you with a form attached to include the names and emails of anyone you’d like to help run your booth throughout the conference.
    • Fill out the form, submit, and we will add those people to your booth. Once added, they’ll be notified via email and receive a link to access the platform.
  4. In your virtual booth, you’ll have the ability to:
    • Upload details to display, such as company name, logo, description, website, phone, email, rep name, advertisements (image or video), and files in multiple formats
    • Engage with participants 1-1 and in group meetings
    • Switch between displaying video ads and turning your camera on to present live
  5. We are offering exhibitors the option to record a 1 to 2-minute plug for their company that will be featured in the main lobby of the virtual platform. This is the first page that attendees see upon entering the platform and the video display is large.
    • The above-mentioned form will also include a question asking if you’d like this option. If yes, we will coordinate a time to record this video before ATCEM.
    • If you’d like, this recording can be used in your booth as a video ad.
    • This offer expires November 5, so please register and submit the form with your decision before then!
  6. Our conference MC will encourage attendees to visit the Exhibitor Room every day, Tues-Fri.
  7. Participants will be able to easily find the Exhibitor room from the main virtual lobby.
  8. We recommend having someone from your company running the booth during conference hours, but it’s not required.
  9. For more information, see this guide for our exhibitors and sponsors or email us at atcem@anthc.org with your questions.