Abstract Submission

Share your expertise at the 2023 Alaska Tribal Conference on Environmental Management! Do you have a presentation or training that you’d like to share with our audience? See details below, fill out the abstract form, and submit. Deadline is January 27, 2023!

Conference Details

The 28th annual Alaska Tribal Conference on Environmental Management will take place March 21-24 at the Anchorage Hilton Hotel and online. On average, ATCEM has hosted 500 participants including representatives from Tribes, universities, environmental and health organizations, and State and Federal agencies. Participants have a unique opportunity to network with a broad range of environmental and health professionals from across Alaska and beyond, with a common goal of making our communities safe, healthy, and more sustainable.

The first 3 days of the event are devoted to general and breakout sessions and the final day is reserved for trainings. Breakout sessions are 1 hour and can consist of one long presentation (30-40 minutes) or two shorter presentations (15-20 minutes), with time for the moderator to introduce speakers at the beginning and facilitate Q&A at the end. We also accept presentation abstracts for small panel discussions. With the exception of talking circles and other more private sessions, breakouts will have an in-person and virtual audience.

Trainings should fit within a full or half-day timeframe, with 8 hours being the max amount of time for a single training. Sometimes short trainings (2-3 hours long) might be best suited as broken into multiple breakout sessions and scheduled earlier in the week. This will be discussed after receiving submissions. Trainings will be reserved for the in-person presenters and audience only and will not have a virtual component.

All session rooms will have standard equipment: a laptop, projector, screen, microphone, and several chairs set up theater style. All but one of our breakout session rooms will also have a camera and additional laptop for live streaming to our virtual audience. The training day will be offered to an in-person audience only and, therefore, won’t have cameras to record and livestream. Chairs can be rearranged and lights can be dimmed/turned off. If there are any other special accommodations that you’d like to request, please include them in the abstract form and we will do our best to oblige.

Presentations and trainings should focus on increasing audience knowledge about current and emerging environmental issues that can impact public health and include innovative or motivational approaches to addressing these challenges. Presentations and trainings that are engaging, facilitate discussion, and bridge traditional knowledge and western science are strongly desired. When developing content to be shared at ATCEM, please be mindful of our multi-cultural audience, as well as varying levels of expertise.

Abstract Submission

  • Fill out all required fields from this FORM and email it to atcem@anthc.org.
  • There’s no limit to the number of submissions you may make.
  • Deadline to submit is January 27, 2023.
  • Each will be shared with the appropriate Track Lead for review. It is not guaranteed that all abstracts will be accepted.
  • An email notifying of your abstract acceptance/declination will be sent no later than February 10, 2023.
  • If accepted, the email will contain complete session/training information including day/time/location, ATCEM point of contact, pre-session setup instructions, and registration details.
    • In gratitude for your participation, the registration fee for the day of your presentation (limit 1 day) and/or training will be waived for you and one co-presenter. If you are providing an in-person presentation AND training, one day Tuesday-Thursday plus the training day will be waived. Full-week registration options are also available if you’d like to attend more of the conference.

For any questions, email atcem@anthc.org.