About Us

ATCEM is hosted by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Department of Community Environment & Health. We partner with representatives from nonprofits, communities, industry, and all levels of government to develop the session content of the conference.

ATCEM Core Planning Team: 

Oxcenia O’DominATCEM Lead
Sarah IngramATCEM Coordinator
Gina McKindyCommunity Development Track Lead
Brian BerubeCommunity Infrastructure Track Lead
Bailey Richards
Lisa Griswold
Contaminated Sites Track Leads
Sarah Yoder One Health Track Lead
James Benzschawel
Tricia Howe
Resilience Track Leads
Trisha Bower
Zach Giaonotti
Solid & Hazardous Waste Track Leads 

If you’re interested in lending your voice to the content shared at ATCEM and receiving a discount on conference registration, consider joining a track planning committee! See all tracks listed below for the types of topics covered in each and then email atcem@anthc.org to let us know which track you’d like to join.

What kinds of topics are covered in the ATCEM tracks?

Community Development

  • Youth engagement, education and programs
  • Grant writing and management
  • Funding opportunities
  • Community and individual wellness

Community Infrastructure

  • Tribal utilities – water, sewer, energy, internet
  • Creating and maintaining a healthy home and indoor environment
  • Transportation

Contaminated Sites

  • EPA Brownfields program, projects, and funding
  • Environmental Justice
  • Contamination prevention, assessment, and remediation
  • Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Contaminated Lands Partnership Group

One Health

  • Food and water security
  • Food sovereignty
  • Identifying and monitoring contaminants
  • Interconnectedness of humans, animals and the environment


  • Climate change impacts, response, and mitigation
  • Sustainable resource management using Indigenous knowledge and Western technology
  • Building community resilience
  • Disaster and emergency preparedness and response

Solid & Hazardous Waste

  • Rural solid waste management and success stories
  • Backhaul, recycling, composting and waste reduction
  • Innovative technology