About Us

ATCEM is hosted by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Department of Community Environment & Health. We partner with representatives from nonprofits, communities, industry, and all levels of government to make the conference a success!

ATCEM Core Planning Team: 

Desirae Mack ATCEM Leadddmack@anthc.org | 907-729-3496
Sarah IngramATCEM Coordinatorseingram@anthc.org
Oxcenia O’Domin
Ida Norton
Air & Healthy Homes Track Leadsorodomin@anthc.org | 907-729-3492
ipnorton@anthc.org | 907-729-4043
Jackie Schaeffer
Barbara Johnson
Climate, Sustainability & Resilience Track Leadsjdschaeffer@anthc.org | 907-729-3545
Joe Sarcone
Elisha Hunt
Community Health Track Leadsjsarcone@alaskapacific.edu
Bailey Richards
Joy Britt
Contamination Support/Brownfields Track Leadsbkrichards@anthc.org | 907-729-4008
jdbritt@anthc.org | 907-729-5630
Brian Berube Public Infrastructure Track Leadbjberube@anthc.org | 907-729-3673
Trisha Bower
Zach Giaonotti
Solid & Hazardous Waste Track Leads trisha.bower@alaska.gov | 907-451-2174
Kari Young
Andie Wall
Water Resources Track Leadskyoung@yritwc.org
Christy McDonald
Kevin Heller
Youth Track Leadsmcmcdonald1@anthc.org

If you’re interested in lending your voice to the content shared at ATCEM, consider joining a track planning committee! See all tracks listed below for the types of topics covered in each and then email atcem@anthc.org to let us know which track you’d like to join!

What kinds of topics are covered in the ATCEM tracks?

Air & Healthy Homes

  • Indoor and outdoor air quality
  • Air quality and home environment impacts to human health
  • Solutions to creating and maintaining a healthy indoor environment

Climate, Sustainability & Resilience

  • Climate change impacts, response, and mitigation
  • Sustainable resource management using Indigenous knowledge and Western technology
  • Building community resilience
  • Emergency preparedness and response

Community Health

  • Mental/behavioral health awareness
  • Injury prevention related to community activities
  • Traditional foods and nutrition
  • Environmental health

Contamination Support/Brownfields

  • EPA Brownfields program, projects, and funding
  • Contaminated sites in Alaska
  • Contamination prevention, assessment, and remediation
  • Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Contaminated Lands Partnership Group

Public Infrastructure

  • Water, sewer, electric and internet infrastructure
  • Funding, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure
  • Climate change and infrastructure
  • Community infrastructure and public health

Solid & Hazardous Waste

  • Rural solid waste management and success stories
  • Education and outreach
  • Funding opportunities
  • Backhaul and recycling
  • Innovative technology

Water Resources

  • Threats to freshwater and ocean resources
  • Local efforts to protect resources
  • Alaska water rights
  • Monitoring and research


  • Funding opportunities
  • Education and outreach
  • Programs and projects
  • Navigating culture when engaging youth
  • Improving mental health in youth through outdoor activities