2019 Presentations


Air Quality & Healthy Homes


Intro to Air Quality & Healthy Homes – Abby Nelson


Firewise Alaska Communities – Paul Goodfellow


Bedbug Basics – Karin Hendrickson


Finding Funding and Support for Healthy Homes – Panel


Community Health


Mercury Release to Environment – Paul Schuster


Permafrost Degradation – Alexander Kholodov


Toxic Substance in Couch – LIna Shea


Understanding Risks of Tick borne Pathogens – Micah Hahn


Operationalizing One Health in Alaska – Kelsey Nicholson


One Health Group – Michael Brubaker


Shelfish Poisoning in Alaska – Dr. Joe McLaughlin


Pre-Spawn Salmon Die Off – Henry Titus Sr.


Building a Pathway to Advance Inuit Food Soverignty – Vernae Angnaboogok


Climate Change, Microplastics and Their Impact – Dr. Samarys Seguinot-Medina


ATV Toolkits and ANTHC Injury Prevention – Ingrid Stevens



Contamination Support


From Spill Response To Site Closure – Lisa Griswold


Introduction to Spill Response Kits – Bailey Richards


Establishing a THPO in Alaska – McKensie Johnson


Alaska State Historic Preservation Office Assistance with Section 106 – McKensie Johnson


Brownfield Site Information: Where to Find it, and How to Record and Map It – CaSandera Johnson


How to Select an Environmental Consultant – Erin Gleason


AK State /Federal Spill Response Planning – Mary Goolie


Brownfields Liability and Eligibility – Lisa Griswold


EPA Region 10 Brownfields Site Eligibility Worksheet – Panel


EPA Region 10 Eligibility Worksheet – Panel


Engaging Youth in Environmental Topics – Brandie Radigan


Sitka Tribe of AK Tribal Youth Internship


Overview of PFAS Concerns – Kristin Bridges


Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment – Rich Campbell


So You’ve Soiled Your Soil – Kaylie Holland


Range Design and Management – Amanda Barker


Case Studies of Groundwater and Soil Contamination – Anna Wagner


Golovin Fish Plant – Anahma Shannon



Monitoring, Capacity and Assorted Projects


How Can We Work Better Together – Leanna Heffner


Seabirds as Sentineals of Change – Hillary Burgess


Ocean Acidification Monitoring – Jeff Hetrick


EPA IGAP and Little Diomede – Opik Ahkinga


Water & Sewer Assisted Billing Program – Francine Moreno



Solid & Hazardous Waste


Using Science to Manage Your Land Fill – Lynn Zender


Composting, Recycling, and More – Paul Berry


Composting at Home – Tait Chandler


Personal Preparedness at Home – Michelle Torres


Make Sense of the Crazy! – Patricia Salmon


Backhaul Alaska Pilot Program Update – Reilly Kosinski


Tips and Tricks for Working Effectively with Cities – Tia Katcheak


Working with Cities – Shankell Mack


Burning Basics & Beyond Burning – Panel


Backhaul to the Future – Rose Kalistook & Doug Huntman


Protecting Our Environment – Alakanuk Success Story – Augusta Edmund


Burn Units – Chris Marshall


Burn Units – Operation – DaWayne Constantine


We Cleaned Up Our Landfill – Henry Titus Sr.


I am So Tired of These Tires – Anne M. Morris



Sustainability & Resilience


Climate Adaptation through an Indigenous Lens – Jackie Qatalina Schaeffer


Going Home Celebration – Jennifer Quluqarmiu Robinette


Region 10 Facilitated Brainstorming – Raymond Paddock


Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy – Jamie Hansen


Adapting Environmental Education for Alaskans – Kari Eschenbacher


Preparing to Move – Elizabeth Wulbrecht


Alaska’s Changing Environment – Rick Thoman


How to Address Environmental Impacts – Jaci Overbeck


Tribal Resilience Program Overview – Racheal Novack


10. EPA Resources for Adapting to Climate Change – Viccy Salazar



Water Resources & Public Utilities


Impacts to Tribes in BLM Resource Management – Suzanne Little


Comprehensive Master Planning – Cheryl Rosa


Climate Adaptation Through an Indigenous Lense – Jackie Qatalina Schaeffer


Household Water and Sanitation Strategies – Kaitlin Mattos


Closing Honeybucket Bunkers Without the Mess – Daniel Nichols


National Tribal Water Council Information Sharing & Listening – Ken Norton


Native Village of Eklutna Water Concerns – Panel


PFAS in Rural Alaska – Brian Berube


Algal Toxins in the Arctic – Gay Sheffield


The Public Health Response to Arsenic Contamination – Sarah Yoder


Status and Trends of Lake Water Temperature – Krista Bartz


Biomass Energy – Chris Cronick


Renewable Energy Integration Feasibility – Tyler Kornelis


Explaining Power Cost Equalization – Connie Fredenberg


What PCE Means to Me – Amanda Toerdal


Norton Bay Watershed Tribal Marine Protection – Emily Murray


Innovation in the NWAB Community Utility Assistance Program – Dr. Steven Konkel