2016 Presentations

Brownfields-Repurpose, Redevelopment, Revitalization ◊◊◊ Contaminated Lands Conveyed to ANCSA Corporations - Paul Krabaucer ◊◊◊ Contaminated Lands Conveyed to ANCSA Corporations ANVCA - Keja Whiteman ◊◊◊ ADEC Brownfield Services - Amy Rodman ◊◊◊ US EPA Brownfields Grants, Services - Mary Goolie ◊◊◊ Using Community WEAR Report for Brownfields Sites - Rebecca Colvin ◊◊◊ Using Community WEAR Reporting for Brownfields Sites - John Halverson ◊◊◊ Brownfields Technical Assistance, Resources and Mentoring - CaSandera Johnson ◊◊◊ Brownfields Technical Assistance, Resources and Mentoring - Jennifer Williams ◊◊◊ Brownfield Resources for ANSCA Contaminated Lands - Christy Howard ◊◊◊ Climate Change Impacts on Brownfield Sites - CaSandera Johnson ◊◊◊ EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant, CIHA Proposal - Tyler Robinson ◊◊◊ Community Outreach in Rural Alaska, A TRP Success Story - Will Peterson & Emily Anderson ◊◊◊ Leveraging TRP-IGAP towards the Importance of Youth Outreach - Brandie Radigan & Bill Hand ****Coming soon....Strategies for Securing and Implementing State & Federal Grants - Chris Gdak, Meredith Noble & Frankie Barber ◊◊◊ Working Effectively with your Municipality, Using Codes as an Outreach tool - Roberta Tohannie Air Quality and Healthy Homes ◊◊◊ Improving Indoor Air Quality to Improve Respiratory Health, by AJ Salkoski ◊◊◊ Safe & Efficient Home Heating with Wood Stoves - Leif Albertson ◊◊◊ Healthy Homes Partnership Project in Kluti-Kaah - Bailey Richards ◊◊◊ Ventilation Assessment and Work for Air Quality and Healthy Homes - Dennis McGlothin ◊◊◊ Addressing Bed Bugs in Rural Alaska - Jennifer Skarada ◊◊◊ Access to Veterinary Care in Rural Alaska - Brian Berube ◊◊◊ Best Management Practices While Burning in Class III Landfills - Ted Jacobson ◊◊◊ Understanding Potential Radon Risks in your Community - Leif Albertson ◊◊◊ Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA Grant Funding Program) - Lucita Valiere ****Coming soon.... Firewise A Community Awareness Program - Douglas Albrecht ◊◊◊ EPA Funding - Mahri Lowinger & Erin McTigue ◊◊◊ Tips for Managing Road Dust - David Barnes ◊◊◊ Tips for Managing Road Dust-Help your community breathe easier - John Clark ◊◊◊ Alaska Tribal Air Talking Circle and National Tribal Air Association Updates - Brian Holter Jr. ◊◊◊ Indoor Air Quality Success Stories - Aileen Gagney Our Changing Climate ◊◊◊ Climate and Weather Review-Hot Alaska - Rick Thoman ◊◊◊ Climate Change Monitoring Using ANTHC Resources - Mary Mullan ◊◊◊ Taking a Stake in Shoreline Erosion Monitoring - Jaquelyn Overbeck & Sue Flensburg ◊◊◊ Bering Watch and Citizen Sentinel - Lauren Devine ◊◊◊ Chugach Regional Climate Change Adaptation Planning - Willow Hetrick ◊◊◊ Human Rights, Resilience and Community-Based Adaptation - Robin Bronen ◊◊◊ Coastal Resilience and Adaptation - Karen Pletnikoff ◊◊◊ Climate Related Impacts on Wildlife Availability in Rural Alaska-the Importance of Access - Todd Brinkman ◊◊◊ Climate Change - Changes in the way we Build Sanitation Infrastructure - Mike Black Solid Waste Management - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ◊◊◊ How to Set up your reuse center - Sandra Woods ◊◊◊ Landfill Designs - Kaylie Holland ◊◊◊ Kodiak Island Borough Village Metal Backhaul Project - Tyler Kornelis ◊◊◊ GreenStar of Interior Alaska - Becca Brado ◊◊◊ Mentoring for Success - Martha Turner, Becca Brado, Anahma Shannon ◊◊◊ Alaska Landfill Fires - Rebecca Colvin ◊◊◊ Building Small Community Resilience in the Face of Climate Change - Ann Gravier *****Coming Soon***** Landfill Operations, Golovin, AK - Peter Olson ◊◊◊ Kachemak Bay Tribal Communities Electronic Waste Recycling Initiative - Michael Opheim, Jan Yeager & Stephen Payton Traditional Ecological Knowledge & Environmental Values ◊◊◊ Heeding Elders Wisdom on Environmental Issues - Sharon McConnel & Anna Frank ◊◊◊ Middle Kuskokwim Math Science Expedition - David Cannon ◊◊◊ Techno Culture Camps & CITC's Fab Lab - Eric Watson ◊◊◊ Techno Culture Camps & CITC's Fab Lab Video - Eric Watson ◊◊◊ The National Tribal Toxics Council - Dianne Barton ◊◊◊ Climate Change and PSP - Joan Barnowsky, Bobbi Barnowsky & Julie Matweyou ◊◊◊ Itegrating Traditional Cultural Values helping Students Excel - Martha Gould-Lehe ◊◊◊ Partners for Data and Science in Tribal Decision Making - Brenda Trefon Water Quality & Sanitation ◊◊◊ Findings From Project Coyote Water - George Goodwin ◊◊◊ Innovations in Small and Household Water Systems - Aaron Dotson ◊◊◊ ANTHC Utility Billing Program - Francine Moreno ◊◊◊ Opportuntities for Energy Efficiency in Rural Water Treatment Plants - Sharnel Vale, Bailey Gamble