2015 Presentations Summary

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Air Quality & Healthy Homes

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

◊◊◊ How to Make Your Home a “Healthy Home” by Rachael Lee

◊◊◊ UAF Extension Healthy Homes Partnership by Art Nash

◊◊◊ Children’s Environmental Health in Alaska: A Round Table Discussion with Ruth Etzel

Thursday, October 29, 2015

◊◊◊ Bed Bug Basics for Rural Alaska by Karin Hendrickson

◊◊◊ Update on Seldovia Village Tribe (SVT)’s Road Dust Monitoring by Michael Opheim and Tracie Merrill

◊◊◊ Rural Dust by Jon Wendel

◊◊◊ Air Matters: Toolkits For Protecting Your Community by Aileen Gagney


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

◊◊◊ Brownfields in Alaska by Mary Goolie

◊◊◊ Put it on the “TAB” by Ignacio Dayrit

◊◊◊ Small Community Emergency Response Plan by Alex Fonteyn and Kim Weibl

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

◊◊◊ Rural Alaska Fuel Services: Safe Sustainable Fuel for Rural Alaska by Del Conrad

◊◊◊   Growing your Brownfields Inventory by Katie Bante

◊◊◊ DEC Brownfields Assessment & Cleanup (DBAC) Services by Christy Howard and Amy Rodman

Thursday, October 29, 2015

◊◊◊  Native Village of St. Michael Tribal Response Program Success Story by Scott Lockwood

◊◊◊ Youth Environmental Summit: Gakona Village Success Story by Tim Skiba

LEO & Climate

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

◊◊◊ Impacts on Communities: Innovations for Community Energy and Engineering by Mike Black

◊◊◊ Planning for Resilience & Sustainability by Sally Russell Cox

◊◊◊ How are your berries? by Jerry Hupp

◊◊◊ How Alaska’s fisheries are responding to ocean climate change and how fishermen and communities can adapt by Terry Johnson

◊◊◊ EPA Indian General Assistance Program Funding Announcement by Sherry Kimmons

◊◊◊ Climate Change & the Terrestrial Environment by John Pearce

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

◊◊◊ It Really Takes a Village – The Value of Partnerships in Adapting to a Changing Environment by Sue Flensburg, Michelle Davis, Karen Plentikoff, Aaron Poe, Joel Reynolds

◊◊◊ Community Report: Climate Change Impacts to Yurok Resources in Northern California. The Yurok Tribe’s Experience by Joe Hostler

◊◊◊ Tribal Solid Waste Program Sustainability: Updates, Resources and Ideas by Sherry Kimmons

◊◊◊ Community Reports: “Climate Change in the Bering Strait Region – Results from a Regional Assessment” by Anahma Shannon, Mike Sloan, Jennifer Demir

◊◊◊ Application of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Tribal Sovereignty to Climate Change Adaption by Hal Shepherd

Thursday, October 29, 2015

◊◊◊ About LEO, Local Environmental Observer Network by Mike Brubaker, Mary Mullan and Moses Tcheripanoff

◊◊◊ Introduction to www.grants.gov: How to register as an organization and assign user roles by Santina Gay

◊◊◊ Talking Circle: Facilitated by Moses Tcheripanoff

Solid Waste

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

◊◊◊ Arctic Village Landfill by Trisha Bower, Brandon Garnett and Tiffany Tritt

◊◊◊ New & Not So New: What’s Out There for the Problems We Face by Ted Jacobson

◊◊◊ Solid Waste Management, Leadership Training, & Economic Develop Opportunities for Rural Alaskans by Jacqueline Shirley

◊◊◊ “No Cost” or “Low Cost” Solutions to Solid Waste Issues Within Your Community by Sandi Woods

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

◊◊◊ Ordinances & Fees by Tisha Bower, Al Ashley and Jonathan Henzie

◊◊◊ Tribal Solid Waste Program Sustainability: Updates, Resources and Ideas by Santina Gay

◊◊◊ Allakaket Solid Waste Ordinances & Fees: What Neighboring Village are Doing by Jonathan Henzie

◊◊◊ Kachemnak Tribal Communities Electronic Waste Recycling Initiative by Michael Opheim and Tracie Merrill

◊◊◊ Rural Waste Management & Spill Response: Occupational Endorsements for Workforce Development by Todd Radenbaugh

◊◊◊ Rural Alaska Community Environmental Job Training Program (RACEJT) by Zender Environmental Health and Research Group

Traditional Environmental Knowledge & Environmental Values

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

◊◊◊ Fish Monitoring & Fish Consumption Guidelines by Bob Gerlach and Ali Hamade

◊◊◊ FDA Testing of Alaska Fish for Fukushima Radiation by Bob Gerlach and Ali Hamade

◊◊◊ Klag Bay: Human Health Risk Assessment & Shellfish Consumption Near Contaminated Sites by Stacey Cooper

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

◊◊◊ Reindeer Herding in Port Heiden By Jaclyn Christensen

◊◊◊ Ecotourism can Feed Environmental and Cultural Sustainability by Jessica Winnestaffer

Water Quality

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

◊◊◊ Utility Operations & Maintenance Best Practices: What You Can do to Maximize Your Funding Opportunities by Carrie Bohan and John Nickels

◊◊◊ Indigenous Observation Network: Water Quality Monitoring Project by Ryan Toohey and Edda Mutter

◊◊◊ Enhancing Tribal and Environmental Regulation in the Yukon Watershed through Indigenous Knowledge & Tribal Conservation Districts by Danielle Stickman, Lance Whitwell and Maryann Fidel

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

◊◊◊ Part One: Water Quality & Sanitation: How Landfill Water (Leachate) Can Impact Your Environment by Rebecca Colvin and Charley Palmer

◊◊◊ Part Two: How Landfill Water (Leachate) Can Impact Your Environment by Rebecca Colvin and Charley Palmer

◊◊◊ King Fisher Lake and Creek Coho Salmon Population and Habitat Study by Michael Opheim, Tracie Merrill and Stephen Payton

◊◊◊ Water Quality Standards by Brock Tabor

Thursday, October 29, 2015

◊◊◊ The Value of Source Water Protection by Rebecca Baril

◊◊◊ The Alaska Water and Sewer Challenge by Fatima Ochante

◊◊◊ Protecting Water Quality in Local Streams and Lakes by Jeanne Swartz

◊◊◊ Energy Efficiency in Rural Sanitation Systems by Sharnel Vale and Tashina Duttle