2019 At-A-Glance Agenda

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Conference Agenda

Monday | November 18, 2019

Tuesday | November 19, 2019

Wednesday | November 20, 2019

Thursday | November 21, 2019

Friday | November 22, 2019 | Available Trainings

Air Quality - Healthy Homes Outreach: A Key Pathway to Improving Air Quality - Abigail Nelson, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium & AJ Salkoski, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Full Day training session. This training session will focus on sharing resources and doing education and outreach for youth, youth involvement, your community and residents. Trainers will share presentations, ideas, and hands-on activities to take home and engage their targeted audience with. We will share effective resources available for you and your community to utilize, including videos, social media materials that will promote healthy homes, the Air Matters Tool kit that you can use to provide education to residents, and Indoor Air and Asthma materials for community health workers.  
    Outreach & Education workshop for Solid Waste Recycling - April McCoy, Zender Environmental Health and Research Group & Trisha Bower, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Solid Waste Program
    Half Day training session. This is a workshop that will help make it easier to understand how to create an outreach and education message. We will provide examples of how it is being done in rural Alaska to introduce the concept of outreach and education. Then we will walk you through a series of exercises that you could replicate in your community. To complete the workshop you will have a series of stations that you will work through to create your own message, and if time permits, your own poster.
    Planning & Developing a 128(a) Grant Work Plan - Mary Goolie, U.S. EPA; Lisa Griswold, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation; Mickey Hartnett, Kansas State University; Joy Britt, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium; Bailey Richards, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
    Half Day training session. This hands-on interactive training will help coordinators develop a CERCLA 128(a) Tribal Response Program (TRP) Grant Work Plan to establish and/or enhance a TRP that will meet your needs and the requirement of the U.S. EPA. Session participants will discuss activities and tasks that fit into the 4 elements of the TRP, Institutional Controls, and the Public Record. We will go over the EPA TRP Guidance for FY2020 and offer one on one time to assist with drafting your TRP Grant Work Plan and funding requests. Please bring your laptop and last year's work plan.
    Quality Assurance Project Plan Training - Sean Peterson, Zender Environmental Health and Research Group
    Half Day training session. Have you been planning on collecting environmental data (i.e. soil, water samples) as part of your IGAP program? Have you put off collecting that data because the thought of putting together a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) has you overwhelmed? QAPPs can be difficult and intimidating, but they are the key to ensuring the quality of your data. Join us as we demystify the QAPP process and learn about the various requirements that must be met to write a successful QAPP.
    Quality Assurance Project Plan Development - Sean Peterson, Zender Environmental Health and Research Group
    Half Day training session. One-on-one QAPP development session.
    Remediation of Contaminated Soil with Mushrooms - Birgit Hagedorn, Fungi Alliance
    Half Day training session. This workshop will introduce how to use mushrooms to remediate soil. It will explain the process and describe where it is best applied. Remediation with mushrooms is very applicable for fuel and diesel spills and can be used in rural communities. At the end of the workshop we will have some hands-on exercises including how to grow your own mushrooms for food.
    Rural Alaska Landfill Administration - Ted Jacobson, Sustainable Solid Waste Solutions & Doug Huntman, Delta Backhaul Company
    Full Day training session. The Rural Alaska Landfill Administration (RALA) course is an 8-hour refresher course for the designated landfill operator and for any administrators in a village with a Class III landfill or open dump, and focuses on the duties of the landfill operator, their personal safety, and the safety of the village. Additional emphasis is placed on the administration role of landfill operations in the RALA. Participants will learn about landfill regulations and requirements, household hazardous waste, waste separation and screening, waste reduction and segregation, recycling, personal protection equipment and much more.
    Rural Alaska Worker Safety and Health - John Gilbert & Jason Rutman, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
    Half Day training session. Workers in rural Alaska face dangerous working conditions. In fact, Alaska has the highest rate of workplace fatalities in the nation. As leaders in our communities, we have the opportunity to eliminate this health disparity by gaining knowledge of how to protect our workers from dangerous conditions. At this training, community leaders and workers will have the opportunity to learn how to keep the rural Alaska workforce safe. Topics will include confined space entry, chemical safety, electrical safety, excavations, safe lifting & workstation set up, and working from heights.
    Solid Waste & Recycling Vendor Showcase - Trisha Bower, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Solid Waste Program
    Half Day training session. This will be a showcase of proven solid waste and recycling technology and services that are applicable for Rural Alaska. Do you know what a used oil furnace is, or a SmartAsh burner, or who can install a steel building at your landfill? What about where to order backhaul supplies, gaylord boxes or a pallet jack with a scale in it? Come to this event and find out.
    Strengthening USACE Collaboration with AK Native on Water Resources Planning & Management - Kendall Campbell, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Alaska District & Seth Cohen, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Alaska District
    Half Day training session. This workshop focuses on eliciting Alaska Native water resource needs and sharing information on programs and opportunities to work with the USACE in Alaska. Discussions may include flood preparedness, emergency management, erosion, climate change and use of watershed studies to assist with water resource management and subsistence sustainability planning.
    Understanding Weather and Climate Resources - Rick Thoman, Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy
    Half Day training session. There are many weather and climate resources online, from historical data to tomorrow's forecast. From impact from recent events to climate projections for the next century. It can be difficult to know where to go for what. This training will provide participants with a review of online resources for weather and climate information, ideas on how to use (or not use) specific websites and finish up with a discussion on the kinds of information that participants would like to have or could use in their work, but don't know of or where to find it.